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These actions are some of the many actions you can do with Webudy to make browsing more fun and informative without leaving your page.


The goal of an explanation is to provide clarity and increase understanding.


The goal of translation is to convey the message of the source language in the most appropriate way possible in the target language.


Rewriting can involve making changes to the wording, sentence structure, or overall organization of a piece of writing.


If you don't want to read an entire blog or article to get the idea use summarizing action.


If you don't get the idea of a text sometimes it help to rephrase the text to understand it better.

Custom Action

You can write your own custom action or chat with AI about anything you want.

Why Should I Care?

AI is worth caring about because it can significantly improve efficiency and productivity by automating tasks, provide personalized experiences tailored to individual preferences, and offer solutions to complex problems through advanced data analysis and pattern recognition.

Embracing AI technology has the potential to enhance various aspects of our lives, making processes more streamlined, experiences more tailored, and solutions more innovative.

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ChatGpt 100+ Million users worldwide

How Many ChatGPT Users Are There? According to the latest available data, ChatGPT currently has over 100 million users. And the website currently generates 1.8 billion visitors per month. This user and traffic growth was achieved in a record-breaking three-month period (from February 2023 to April 2023).

Number of ChatGPT Users (2023) - Exploding Topics

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